Hello and thanks for visiting Darryl Minsky's Goldwing site. He and his wife live in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Darryl and Chris own a 1992 Honda Goldwing GL1500 SE Canadian Edition.
It is Teal Blue, and comes fully loaded with lots of chrome, AM/FM cassette 4 speaker stereo, FM transmitter for IPOD operation, 40 channel CB radio, digital readout, battery bug battery monitoring system, driver's backrest, passenger armrests, driving lights, driver's floorboards, wind deflectors, belly pan, trunk rack and luggage rails, sheepskin, bike buoy beverage holder, Eagle head fender trim, electric reverse, LED accents, and helmets with built in intercom/stereo headphones. We even pull a cargo trailer!

1992 Honda Goldwing GL1500 and Darryl Goldwing

1992 Honda Goldwing GL1500

1992 Honda Goldwing GL1500 and cargo trailer


motorcycle trailer motorcycle trailer

Do you like this trailer? It is a custom made cargo trailer, manufactured here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Cellco


funky vintage Woods canvas tent When we camp with our Goldwing and trailer, many people comment on our funky vintage canvas tent from the 1970's. Darryl got it in 1979, and if you take care of your canvas tent it will last you a LONG time. It was made by Woods, has aluminum outside poles for support, and doesn't need a fly (it never leaks).

We always have the coolest tent in any campground!


If you are interested in motorcycles, and would like to see the other MCs that Darryl has owned over the years click here.


We are a member of GWRRA, the Goldwing Road Riders Association. We occasionally attend the AB-A Calgary Chapter meetings.


Goldwings and airplanes
This is one of Darryl's favorite pictures. This was taken in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, in June 2005, when a few people from our chapter drove "up north" for a trip. We were hanging around the airport looking at the cool aircraft, when a worker happened to notice us and our bikes. He was a motorcyclist, and invited for a closer look. This picture was just begging to be taken!! Yellowknife is definately worth the trip!!


Why I love my motorcycle helmet 

(as appearing in the June/July GWRRA AB-A newsletter)

Among many biker circles, helmets are supposed to not be cool. 

There are lots of famous quotes like “helmet laws suck” and “let those who ride decide” which you can plaster your helmet or car bumper with. But let me tell you why I love my helmet, and wear it all the time, even when not required by law to do so.

As many of you who know, I have long hair. Long hair and riding motorcycles sometimes result in your hair becoming a bird’s nest. By wearing my helmet my locks stay put and become an “insulator”. Long flowing locks on a bike may look cool and feel good, but after a day of constantly spitting out your own tresses and having to constantly untangle it from behind your sunglasses, you’re glad to be wearing a lid. Never mind having to comb out the mess!! I know many of you follicle-challenged men feel no sympathy for me, but bear with me and hear my story.

For many years I owned the same shortie helmet. It’s been dropped on the pavement many times, and even was painted (by myself) to match assorted motorcycles I’ve owned.  After joining GWRRA and hearing lots about safety, I learned that helmets “wear out” with time, and may be damaged when you drop them. So a few years ago, we decided to get ourselves new helmets.HJC-AC3 helmet

I bought the HJC AC-3 ¾ helmet. What that means is that it is not a shortie helmet (similar to a big hat) and it’s not a full face helmet (completely wraps around your head). It is open at the chin. After years of wearing a shortie, I did not want to go full face. This particular helmet has removable “cheek pads” that I have removed most of the time. When they’re removed, my helmet feels like a shortie, and the cool air blows across my face. If it gets cool out, I can easily stop and insert the cheek pads, and be as warm as a full face helmet wearer. If found this to be the best feature of my helmet. A microphone and speaker system fits easily in this helmet, unlike my old shortie helmet. Most helmets boast some kind of an airflow system of vents, but personally I’ve never really noticed any difference with mine when the vents are open or closed. Perhaps it’s all my hair?

The AC-3 boasts a CoolMax® Moisture-wicking Interior. That’s their words, not mine. What that means is that the interior lining is comfortable, removable and washable.  The visor unlocks and comes off easily, and I have replaced it with an optional face shield. In my opinion, this is the only way to go. I ride with my shield in the up position 99 percent of the time, only lowering it for rain or severe wind. While at WingDing 29, a friend pointed out to me a great add-on for the face shield (Thanks Colin!). It is a tinted piece of plastic that simply clings to the shield, and can peel off easily. The tint blocks out the low sun while riding, and acts just like the rim visor. I’ve placed it on the bottom edge of the shield, so if your shield is down, it is closest to the ground. BUT, since I ride with it UP most of the time, it’s like having a semi-tinted face shield and blocks out the low sun perfectly. Better yet, it only cost me a few dollars!

I decided not to get a color matched helmet, and I’ve left my helmet white. After years of baking my bean in the blazing sun, wearing a dark colored helmet, I figured that white wouldn’t cook me as fast. Besides, it makes you more visible, and that much more safer.My wife Chris has the HJC AC-2, which is a shortie helmet with removable ear flaps. Her visor had snap on attachments for a face shield. That’s a must for riding as a passenger.

Of course, the helmets are SNELL/DOT Approved.

While I personally believe wearing a helmet should be a choice of the individual and not law, I also believe that it’s the safest thing you can do.

And that’s why I love my motorcycle helmet. http://www.hjchelmets.com

Top Ten Reasons Why Gold Wing Riders Don't Wave Back

10. Wasn't sure whether other rider was waving or making an obscene gesture.
9. Afraid might get frostbite if hand is removed from heated grip.
8. Has arthritis and the past 400 miles have made it difficult to raise arm.
7. Reflection from etched windshield momentarily blinded him.
6. The espresso machine just finished.
5. Was actually asleep when other rider waved.
4. Was in a three-way conference call with stockbroker and accessories dealer.
3. Was distracted by odd shaped blip on radar screen.
2. Was simultaneously adjusting the air suspension, seat height,programmable CD player, seat temperature and satellite navigation system.
1. Couldn't find the "auto wave back" button on dashboard.

Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Riders Don't Wave Back

10. Afraid it will invalidate warranty.
9. Leather and studs make it too heavy to raise arm.
8. Refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for.
7. Afraid to let go of handlebars because they might vibrate off.
6. Rushing wind would blow scabs off the new tattoos.
5. Angry because just took out second mortgage to pay luxury tax on new Harley.
4. Just discovered the fine print in owner's manual and realized H-D is partially owned by Honda.
3. Can't tell if other riders are waving or just reaching to cover their ears like everyone else.
2. Remembers the last time a Harley rider waved back, he impaled his hand on spiked helmet.
1. They're too tired from spending hours polishing all that chrome to lift their arms.

Top 10 Reasons Sportbikers Don't Wave Back

10. They have not been riding long enough to know they're supposed to.
9. They're going too fast to have time enough to register the movement and respond.
8. You weren't wearing bright enough gear.
7. If they stick their arm out going that fast they'll rip it out of the socket.
6. They're too occupied with trying to get rid of their chicken strips.
5. They look way too cool with both hands on the bars or they don't want to unbalance themselves while standing on the tank.
4. Their skin tight-kevlar-ballistic-nylon-kangaroo-leather suits prevent any position other than fetal.
3. Raising an arm allows bugs into the armholes of their tank tops.
2. It's too hard to do one-handed stoppies.
1. They were too busy slipping their flip-flop back on.

Top Ten Reasons Why BMW Riders Don't Wave Back

10. New Aerostich suit too stiff to raise arm.
9. Removing a hand from the bars is considered "bad form."
8. Your bike isn't weird enough looking to justify acknowledgement.
7. Too sore from an 800-mile day on a stock "comfort" seat.
6. Too busy programming the GPS, monitoring radar, listening to ipod, XM, or talking on the cell phone.
5. He's an Iron Butt rider and you're not!.
4. Wires from Gerbings is too short.
3. You're not riding the "right kind" of BMW.
2. You haven't been properly introduced.
1. Afraid it will be misinterpreted as a friendly gesture.

And Finally...

Top Ten reasons Metric Cruiser Riders don't wave back

10. New leather jacket was purchased at the same size as suit jacket.
9. Didn't know that the bike wouldn't fly off the road if left hand was removed.
8. Was looking at the handle bars wondering what accessory could mount where.
7. Was wildly grasping at some valve under seat.
6. Rider was actually pulling up black socks and pulling down on jeans trying to close a few air gaps.
5. Rider was too caught up in reciting his mantra 'Left hand clutch' 'Right hand Gas AND Front brake' 'Left foot Gears' 'Right foot Rear brake' 'And for Gods sake Both feet down at light'.
4. Waved after you went by. You just thought they didn't wave.
3. Was searching GPS to find local Bike wash.
2. Rider wasn't really waving, was doing wind airfoil test with hand and arm.
1. Rider was involved in trying to get new throttle stop to STOP.


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